Ricardo Salinas is founder of RSiD studio in San Francisco, California. RSiD studio focuses on industrial design and user experiences for the medical, sports and office products, housewares and consumer electronics. Prior to launching RSiD studio in 2003, Ricardo worked at Philips Design, Bride Design, IDEO and Matrix for a combined experience of over 20 years.

RSiD effectively combines creative design thinking with marketing sensibility. We are skilled at managing multidisciplinary product development teams, and our understanding of human factors and ergonomics gives us a unique advantage in developing user centered products.



Innovation through observation and research. Immersive observation allows the designer to intimately understand the end user’s wants and needs. By witnessing the user's experience first-hand, the designer is grounded in the reality of the situation and can create innovative solutions that are practical and appropriate. Observation and creation is an iterative process. We believe it is imperative to allow the user to engage in the creative process to help define the requirements of the product.



Integrated design-centric working environment. We are an integrated company that draws on a variety of resources such as industrial design, engineering, human factors, marketing and business development while maintaining the intimacy and efficiency of a small consultancy. We help companies expand their product lines and services by assembling a team of people with complementary interests, passions and cultures. We believe that people do their best work when the organization is supportive and flexible and quick to recognize and reward good work.



Management through effective communication. RSiD has experience leading multidisciplinary teams through the design process, from research to concept development to product release. We believe in keeping the team well informed of schedule, budgetary constraints and client feedback through informal day-to-day meetings and weekly progress reports. We find the team is more confident and projects are more fun when communication and documentation are an integral part of the working atmosphere.